• Are Yashashri uPVC products are fire retardant?
    Yashashri uPVC products are fire retardant. this is because they contain more than 70 % unplasticised uPVC which turns 57% Chlorine. this contribute efficiently to the flame retardant. further it has very high ignition temperature 40000c against 21000c of wood and has an index of 50% against 21% for wood.
  • Are Yashashri products are scratch proof?
    They are resistant most scratches even if the scratches arises it can be removed easily by buffing.
  • What is life span of Yashashri products?
    The life span is infinite when used under normal condition.
  • Are they cheaper than wood and aluminium?
    At par to good quality of wood & aluminium.
  • Is Installation of these product be used in corrosive atmosphere?
    Yes, the products are inert to most harsh chemical and especially in areas where in sanitation standards are high. they are eminently suitable since they can be washed easily with harsh disingredient.
  • Are they maintenance free?
    Yes, throughout their useful life.